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Why Buy Replacement Windows?
Top Questions (and Answers)

  1. What are the main factors I should consider when purchasing replacement windows?

    The four main factors normally considered are:

    • Appearance
    • Cost
    • Installation
    • Energy efficiency

    All of these are complementary to one another.

    When considering appearance, you should select the style and color that goes with your home’s architecture - this will enhance the look and raise the resale value.

    There are numerous styles - picture windows, bows, bays, double hung, single hung, double slider, single slider, casements, curved-top, etc. Whether you desire the sleek, trim lines that richen a contemporary home, or you prefer the elegant look inspired by a traditional or colonial setting, Artistic Iron will meet your needs.

    Not only does Artistic Iron offer all of these styles; there are different materials, grid designs, sizes, colors and color combinations from which to select. Beauty and energy efficiency are important window considerations; as are durability, maintenance needs and ease of cleaning.

    Here are some window styles...

  2. Why purchase custom-manufactured versus ready-made?

    Artistic Iron sells all of its windows custom-manufactured. Having the windows measured by our expert personnel assures you of getting windows that will fit properly in the opening. After hundreds of window closings, rain wettings, sun dryings and winter freezings - you can rely on a tightly sealed window that continues to keep out the weather. Custom windows are designed, engineered and manufactured to fit your home’s size, style and appearance without reducing your viewing area.

  3. Is there an advantage to vinyl-frame extrusions?

    Vinyl extrusions are the most durable and affordable available (approximately half the price of comparable wood-frames). They are especially energy efficient (see question number 4) and virtually maintenance-free - never needing paint and will not rot, shrink, swell, warp, crack, flake, blister, rust, peel or corrode.

    When considering vinyl, look for uniform color throughout the frame and joints that are all-welded rather than joined with fasteners. Artistic Iron’s vinyl extrusions provide all of that plus structural integrity, impact- and weather-resistance, thermal stability, lubricity and UV protection.

  4. What is so important about energy-efficiency?

    Air leakage siphons approximately 50% of an average home’s heating and cooling energy to the outdoors. Connections that are glass-to-frame, frame-to-frame and sash-to-frame with proper weather-seal must be tight. Vinyl frames are especially energy efficient - due to a honey comb of chambers that boost the insulating ability by trapping air. Purchasing energy efficient units, the payback period will be two to ten years.

    Another advantage of Artistic Iron’s insulated windows is the reduction of outside sounds which results in a quieter, more comfortable living environment inside your home.

  5. What are U-values and R-values?

    The heat transfer through conduction, convection, radiation and air leakage is expressed in U-values, or U-factors. The lower the U-value, the higher the insulating value. R-factors (resistance-factors) are the mathematical inverse (an R-value of 2 equals a U-value of ½). Insulated vinyl windows have a typical U-value of 0.2 - 0.3 and are considered the best performer from an insulation standpoint. Artistic Iron’s St. James windows have an R-value 6.5 times the R-value of wood. The higher the R-factor, the greater the amount of insulation a window provides.

  6. What is a Low-E coating?

    Low-emissivity coatings were first developed to stop heat loss. Artistic Iron’s Low-E windows lower heat loss in the winter, radically reduce heat gain in the summer and block the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays (which would otherwise prematurely fade your carpet and furniture). These coatings improve the insulating value of a window.

  7. Are there other options that increase the energy efficiency?

    Combining low-E coatings with a low- conductant gas filling boosts energy efficiency over clear glass. Windows that stop drafts use better, thicker weather-stripping and have fusion-welded corners which eliminate seams and potential leaks. Consequence? Cold drafts are eliminated, heat loss is reduced and energy efficiency is improved.

  8. Should installation be a factor?

    Absolutely! With the purchase of a quality window, professional installation is paramount. This ensures you of a proper fit - such that the home improvement you have purchased adds aesthetic value to your home, while truly making the window accomplish the purpose for which it was manufactured - energy efficiency with clear visibility.

  9. Who will provide the best windows at the most affordable cost?

    Artistic Iron will. Artistic Iron has a price assurance guarantee with all of its products. Artistic Iron has been owned and operated in Denver for over 25 years. Artistic Iron is a company that will be here tomorrow to answer your questions and service your needs.

    We pride ourselves on having done the homework. We give the homeowner a choice of many different window lines - that we feel are the best in the industry.

    Our marketing representatives can give you all of the information you need to make an educated decision during a free in-home visit. Our expert personnel will personally measure and design the windows to custom fit your needs.

    Once the windows are manufactured, you can depend on Artistic Iron to professionally install the product to your satisfaction. Artistic Iron St. James windows are guaranteed with a non-prorated warranty unmatched in the industry. Imagine - a totally transferable lifetime warranty on your replacement windows! Artistic Iron is fully insured.

    Should you need additional exterior home improvement products, Artistic Iron has a full selection that includes, but is not limited to, custom patio covers, custom built steel security storm doors, iron railing and fences, gutters, siding, entry doors, garage doors, carports, patio doors, etc. Give us a call to schedule your free in-home estimate and/or to order a free brochure.



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