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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long has Artistic Iron, Inc. been in business?

    Since 1978 (26 years).

  2. Is Artistic Iron insured?

    Yes, we are insured for Workers’ Compensation and General Liability. Proofs of insurance are available from your Marketing Representative.

  3. How long will it take to install the products I have purchased?

    Usually two to four weeks. This factor can vary somewhat.

  4. Who does the installation?

    Artistic Iron installs all of the products we sell.

  5. What makes Artistic Iron’s products unique?

    They are custom built for you, specifically.

  6. Will Artistic Iron service the product once its installed and paid?

    Yes, Artistic Iron prides itself in providing full service to the customer - from the point of sale to the installation and beyond (through your next purchase!).

  7. Do I need to worry about a high-pressure sale?

    No, Artistic Iron’s representatives are interested in providing you with valuable information from which you will make your decision. Our products sell themselves.



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